• Children and COVID 19

    By Dr. Micaela Wexler

    Children and COVID 19

    For unknown reasons, children rarely have severe symptoms when infected by COVID-19, aka coronavirus. There was only one death out of 44,000 cases in China in the 10-to-19 age group.
    But this does not mean they are not carriers for this disease. There is reason to believe children may play a role in amplifying the spread. We can start by examining their role with the flu: they often pass it on to everyone in their orbit before they start to show symptoms. Many a caregiver has found themselves severely ill with the flu, or a cold, after exposure to a child.
    We have evidence that this virus behaves more like a flu than a cold. The average infected person infects 2-4 people. Since children tend to have no symptoms, we have no way of knowing if they are infected.
    Because we have no way of knowing just how children are transmitting this virus, we are asking that our families err on the side of caution:
    - decrease contact between children and the elderly
    - Practice social distancing, even between children
    - Ask about the health of the adults in your child’s playmate’s family
    - Keep children out of public places, such as stores and movie theatres, to prevent children from both picking it up and spreading it
    - Look for other ways to connect, either via video or at a playground six feet apart

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