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    The purpose of this website/blog is for education about child psychiatry and family psychiatry. No psychiatric treatment is provided through this web site. The goal is to inform the audience; posts are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure disorders. In addition, posts are meant to support the relationship a reader has with his or her provider.

    All posts are the opinion of Dr. Wexler, and not of her employer or partners. Posts are meant to enhance the reader’s knowledge of mental health issues, but should not be the main source of information. Any characters depicted in the postings are fictionalized in order to enhance the topic, and are not based on actual people.

    From time to time, links to other resources are provided as a public service. Use these links at your own risk, as Dr. Wexler does not take responsibility for the accuracy, quality, currency or completeness of the content contained in these web sites.

    While Dr. Wexler welcomes comments relating to posts, she does not agree to respond to comments placed on the site. Any comments found to be too revealing of personal information or perceived to be endorsing a personal agenda or a commercial venture will be removed.

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