• Two men, zero pen1ses

    by Dr. Micaela Wexler

    A major flaw behind North Carolina’s anti-LGBT bill, HB2

    One of the major benefits of being a psychiatrist who treats both children and adolescents is the opportunity to have a positive impact in complex life situations. The recent passage of the anti-LGBT law in North Carolina reminded me of two such cases: 1) a young man who lost his penis while defending our country; 2) a boy who was born without a penis due to a condition known as cloacal exstrophy.

    Both of these patients progressed to the point of not requiring psychiatric care. They are both functioning fulfilled MEN. Men without penises. A penis does not a man make.

    Gender is not due to genitalia.

    Providing psychiatric care to these patients was immensely rewarding, and piqued my interest in treating patients with transgenderism and intersex disorders. Initially, I was fascinated by the physiological similarities between these three groups of patients, and the complexity of gender identity.

    But, then, as a psychiatrist, I couldn’t help but become acquainted with the psychological distress all three groups of patients experience, distress inflicted by society. People in this country with transgenderism have a murder rate 1500 times higher than that of the average American. In 2015, 21 people with transgenderism who were murdered were victims of hate crimes. In addition to murders, there are countless acts of violence against people with transgenderism. They also suffer housing and employment discrimination. All of this contributes to the tragically high suicide rate for trans people. 41 percent attempt suicide. People with transgenderism do not fare well at all when faced with discrimination.

    North Carolina’s anti-LGBT bill, HB2 especially targets children with transgenderism. They are the ones most at risk, for their lives, in some cases, with this bill. What makes this most infuriating is that this potentially life threatening discrimination is based on the simplistic and erroneous belief that gender identity is due to genitalia. My two male patients who do not have penises would beg to differ.

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