• Without coronavirus testing, we are not safe

    By Dr. Micaela Wexler

    You have been sheltering in place for the past two months. You and your family have had minimal contact with the outside world. Your kids have zoom schooled. Your groceries have been delivered.

    You have been either able to work from home or you’ve been able to afford to be home. You’ve worn a mask every time you’ve left the house. Everyone in your family has been healthy throughout this time. As a result, you are in possession of something truly valuable: a potentially coronavirus-free bubble.

    This is not the time to squander what is truly a gift.
    As you prepare to leave the safety of this bubble, do not forget for one moment that coronavirus is STILL HERE, and it is a nasty, sneaky beast. It is highly transmissible.

    It may not do anything to YOUR body, the vast majority of bodies end up fine. But, this ugly beast uses those bodies to replicate and get passed on and on until it reaches a body it can ruthlessly destroy. That’s how you have to think of coronavirus as you prepare to emerge.

    So, how do you emerge?
    First, GET TESTED. The President and his staff are getting tested EVERY DAY. Your family deserves to get tested at least a few times as you emerge back into the world where coronavirus is STILL LURKING. Call your PCP, demand to get tested.

    Second, after you receive your NEGATIVE test results, look for another equally coronavirus-free bubble. In other words, find another family in which each member has a negative coronavirus test result. My suggestion is that the two families get tested at the same time.

    That is your buddy bubble. That is who you will join with as you begin to emerge into the world.

    As you add people into your bubble, yes, everyone should get tested again and the new person or people should all get tested at the same time as the people in your bubble are getting tested again. That is the only way to make sure this sneaky beast has not somehow entered your bubble.

    So what happens if you can’t get tested? You will have to 1) be okay with squandering the beautiful gift you worked so hard to create; 2) you will have to proceed very slowly, adding people to your bubble every two weeks, monitoring everyone daily, hoping that coronavirus didn’t enter your bubble.

    You will have to accept that by not getting tested, you are giving this horrible beast an opportunity to enter your bubble. You are allowing for the possibility that this beast will use your bubble to grow and look for bodies it can eventually kill.

    Because without testing, you won’t really know if you have a safe bubble. You won’t really know if the coronavirus beast was hiding in that cute, healthy teenager you welcomed into your bubble with open arms, and now the beast is silently making its way through your beautiful bubble until it finally finds someone it can destroy.

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